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Our Story

Welcome To Datta Bhel

My grandfather Shri Bandu Rao Ghunke came to Ichalkaranji in 1975 for business from Jugol (Karnataka) due to poverty by selling 2 acres of land for just Rs. 5000/ –. Along with his grandmother and 4 children, he started the business of selling peanuts etc on a pushkart near Narayan Talkies. At that time the business was very low, so grandmother used to work in other houses for money. My Father and 3 Uncles used to sell boiled eggs, papad, peanuts outside of Tade’s liquor shop. In 1977, grandfather decided to start Bhel business and sold bhel for just 10 paise. Gradually my father did a good business and emerged with new ideas with variety of bhel tastes for the people of Ichalkaranji.

Only the Best

Fresh Ingredient, Tasty Bhel

We use the best ingredients. Our ingredients are always fresh and we use mineral water to prepare variety of foodstuffs. We have a wide variety of Menu for you.

Our Menu

Spicy Crispy and Sweet

Ragada Puri

Spicy Bhel, Crispy Puri, Sweet Cream and Curd

Bhel Puri

Spicy and Crispy Bhel


Spicy Crispy made using Kharidal

Masala Kharidal

Crispy Tokri, Spicy Pudina Chatni, Sweet Cream and Curd

Delhi Katori Chat

Spicy Sweet and Crispy

Shev Puri

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